Whiskey Before Breakfast

Whiskey Before Breakfast:

1 oz white whiskey (Death's Door) 
1/2 oz coffee liqueur (House Spirits) 
1/2 oz condensed milk 
Top with 3 oz iced coffee (Cellar Door)

Stir all ingredients vigourously to incorporate condensed milk without ice first. Serve over ice.

Whiskey Before Breakfast is always an enjoyable and fine way to start the day provided that day has some nap-time allocated. This cocktail gets it's name from a favorite fiddle tune of mine, and though the songwriter was probably had Irish Whiskey (straight) in mind when they wrote it, Death's Door White Whiskey was our choice for this cocktail. It has a malted slightly sweet nose and a warm spicy finish that is perfect for mixing in coffee cocktails, as well as a great addition to hot cocoa. The Portland based House Spirits small-batch House Spirits Coffee Liquer has notes of rich earthy cocoa, and is much less sweet than many popular coffee liqueurs. The sweetened condensed milk adds a rich mouthfeel and balances sweetness. You can adjust the amount of condensed milk based on the desired sweetness, as most of the sugars are from this ingredient. Do you have a favorite coffee cocktail to share?

Harvest Moonlight- 1.5 oz @DeathsDoor White Whiskey, dash cinnamon agave simple syrup, 2 dash Angostura bitters

Harvest Moonlight:

1.5 oz white whiskey (Death's Door)
dash cinnamon spice agave simple syrup (homemade)*
2 dash Angostura bitters

Like all of Death's Door Spirits from Madison, WI, they are classic in nature and stay true to the belief that high quality ingredients will yield high quality spirits. Their whiskey is comprised of 80:20 ratio of wheat to malted barley. While "white dog" or unaged whiskey has caught a bad rap as many craft distillers have prematurely (no pun intended) released white dog whiskeys with compromised results, there are a few that are worth seeking out, and Death's Door White Whiskey can be included in that exclusive set.
Cinnamon infused agave syrup adds to the viscous mouthfeel of the white whiskey, but should be kept at a dash as the white whiskey holds a sweetness of it's own that can be easily overpowered. There is definatlely some heat on the back end from the lack of aging (the whiskey is rested in uncharred oak barrels for a total of only 72 hours). As the drink waters down the malt and vanilla flavors become even more forward and blend well with the warm spices of the Angostura.

*Cinnamon Spiced Agave Simple Syrup:
Heat raw blue agave syrup with spring water at a 1:1 ratio with 1-2 medium broken Ceylon cinnamon sticks in microwave or stovetop until fragrant. Bottle. Stores 7-10 days.

Death's Door White Whiskey

Death's Door White Whiskey

This is a re-post of a spirits feature from THL.

THL: What is it?

Death’s Door White Whiskey is a double distilled mash of Washington Island Wheat and organic malted barley from Chilton, Wisconsin. The 160 proof spirit rests in stainless steel and finishes in uncharred Minnesota oak barrels.

THL: Why should you try it?

John Jeffery, the master distiller at Death's Door, is one of the nation's most respected authorities when it comes to the way that whiskey interacts with wood. Suffice to say, his whiskey is pretty damn good.

THL: Who makes it?

Death's Door Spirits operates on Washington Island in Wisconsin, an area of the United States known for potato farming. In collaboration with nearby Capital Brewing, Death's Door has grown their own specialty grain for the products coming out of the distillery and brewery.

THL: What does it taste like?

Vanilla, chocolate covered cherries, malt

THL: How should you drink it?

Sip this spirit neat to appreciate its complexity.