Oregon Distillers Festival – July 12, 2014 – Hosted by McMenamins Edgefield

Photo by Kathleen Nyberg/McMenamins.

Photo by Kathleen Nyberg/McMenamins.

The 2nd Annual Oregon Distillers Festival is less than a month away, featuring 20 Oregon Distillery Guild members from around the state including Bull Run Distillery, Clear Creek Distillery, Rogue Spirits, Stone Barn Brandy Works, Vivacity Fine Spirits, North Coast Distillery, McMenamins Edgefield Distillery and McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery. 

There are sure to be a number of classic favorites as well as some new faces including McMenamins sneak preview of three new spirits – Aval Pota, Billy Whiskey and Philbert Hazelnut Liqueur. We are particularly excited for the Aval Pota, a blend a heart-cut whiskey, Hood River apples, and cinnamon. It sounds like a welcome treat to combat the slow approaching summer, but hopefully by the time the festival rolls around, there will be sunshine to match the warmth of our boozy bellies. List of participating distillers below. See you there!


Oregon Distillers Festival, Edgefield, July 12:

The meadows of McMenamins Edgefield are a perfect summer backdrop to experience more than 100 handcrafted spirits from around the state. Guests can sip and saunter along a backdrop of blue skies and yellow sunflowers while choosing samples from some of the best Oregon-made spirits, sipping cocktails, and nibbling on booze-friendly nosh from Black Rabbit Restaurant Executive Chef Kenny Giambalvo. The event includes a silent auction benefitting the Oregon Distiller’s Guild.

Participating Distilleries:

·         Edgefield Distillery (Troutdale)

·         Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery (Hillsboro)

·         Bend Distillery (Bend)

·         Bull Run Distillery (Portland)

·         Big Bottom Whiskey (Hillsboro)

·         Brandy Peak Distillery (Brookings)

·         Cascade Peak Spirits Distillery (Ashland)

·         Clear Creek Distillery (Portland)

·         Eastside Distilling (Portland)

·         Elixir (Eugene)

·         Glaser Estate Winery (Roseburg)

·         Hard Times Distillery (Monroe)

·         Immortal Spirits and Distilling Co. (Medford)

·         Indio Spirits (Portland)

·         New Deal Distillery (Portland)

·         Northwest Distillery (Portland)

·         Rogue Spirits (Newport)

·         Stone Barn Brandyworks (Portland)

·         Vinn Distillery (Wilsonville)

·         Vivacity Fine Spirits (Corvallis)

Domaine de Canton Culinary Tour Stops at Smallwares PDX

All photography: Whitney Lyons

All photography: Whitney Lyons


Chef Johanna Ware of Smallwares and Barwares recently partnered with Domaine de Canton for a pairing dinner as part of Domaine de Canton's culinary tour across the United States. Every dish that was prepared included a minimum of 1 oz of Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur. This was the first we had heard of using the spicy ginger liqueur in food dishes, but it proved to be equally versatile in the capable hand of Chef Ware.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can try to mix up some of the cocktails at home. 

 The Ninfa 

3 oz Valdibella Ninfa wine 

.5 oz Domaine de Canton 

Barspoon Gran Classico 

1 spray Herbsaint 

Cocktail paired with: Spot prawns, citrus juice, pickled sea beans, shiso, red onion, Domaine de Canton yuzu kosho dressing

 The Whey 

1 oz Small's Gin 

.5 oz Whey 

.25 oz Domaine de Canton 

.5 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth

Cocktail paired with: Octopus, pickled cherries, Domaine de Canton pickled ginger, scallions, mint, cardamom, greens, crème fraiche 


 The Miso 

1 ½ oz Corner Creek Bourbon

½ oz Lemon juice 

½ oz Den miso 

½ oz Domaine de Canton 

Cocktail paired with: Halibut, Domaine de Canton sweet miso, tarragon, fennel, raisin, togarashi, puffed rice

 The Punch 

2 oz Goslings Rum

1 oz Domaine de Canton 

.5 oz Lime juice 

.5 oz Pineapple juice 

.5 oz Muscovado syrup 

5 drops Chili tincture 

Fresh grated nutmeg 

Cocktail paired with: Oxtail arepa, hoisin, star anise, smoked pineapple habanero jam, cotija, avocado, plantain chips


Have you ever used Domaine de Canton in your culinary adventures? Share your recipes in the comments section.  

Sake Fest PDX- 4/12 from 6:30 to 9 pm at Governor Hotel



Portlanders will gather in the Heritage Ballroom at The Governor Hotel (map it) on Thursday 12 April 2012 - 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm - to experience the finest Japanese and US sake brands, as part of Saké Fest PDX.

 Your ticket purchase INCLUDES all food and all saké sampling stations - even rare & premium saké varieties - while learning how to pair the traditional Japanese drink with a wide variety of food, including cheese, desserts, chocolate and a wide range of fusion, Asian and continental cuisines. ALL for only $59.

Polished rice for brewing sake.


Your Saké Fest PDX ticket purchase also includes a FREE souvenir sampling glass … a modern glassvessel donated by our friends at Momokawa Saké.

Many premium and several rare sakés will be available to taste, as will regionally micro brewed "jizake", which means small, regional saké brewer. Prominent local chefs will prepare and serve a selection of food samples that complement any type of saké.

 Saké Fest was created in Philadelphia by Ed Markus & David Wagner, owners of Event Navigators, an international event production company specializing in fundraising events for non-profit organizations.

 A portion of the net proceeds from Saké Fest PDX benefits the Japan-America Society of Oregon (JASO)

Saké is more than a drink to be served with Japanese food. It is a beverage that is as versatile as wine. It can be enjoyed with cheese, chocolates, and all varieties of ethnic foods. Similar in profile to wine, saké is valued for its fragrance, impact, sweet or dry finish, acidity, presence and complexity.

For additional information call 215-915-5506 or email RSVP@eventnavigators.com 

Get prepped with a brief guide to understanding what sake is all about:

A Brief Guide to Saké

Saké is an all-natural rice-based fermented alcoholic beverage. It is made like beerand served like wine, with tasting characteristics and alcohol content very similar to wine.

Saké was first made in China roughly 5,000 years ago, but was later dramatically improved in Japan. Today, there are over 14,000 different sakés produced by 1,800 brewers worldwide, primarily in Japan.

Saké is made from four ingredients: rice, water, yeast, and koji, an enzyme. The starches in rice are concentrated in the center of the grain, and for premium and super premium saké, the outside of the grain is polished away. This exposes the heart of the rice that contains the starch that will be converted to fermentable sugars. The degree to which the rice is polished determines how the saké is classified.

Most saké is aged for about six months, either in tanks or in the glass bottle. It is important that saké is kept at a controlled temperature, and can be consumed up to 3 weeks (and often longer) after opening the bottle with little to no change in flavor or quality.

Main types of saké include:

Junmai - Made from rice, water, yeast and koji only.

Junmai Ginjo - Junmai Saké with 40%-50% of the rice grain polished away. (or Junmai Sake with a polish ratio of 50% - 60%)

Junmai Daiginjo - Junmai Saké with 50% or more of the rice grain polished away. 

Honjozo - Saké with a small amount of brewer's alcohol added.  This brings out flavors & aroma.

Nama - Saké that has not been pasteurized. Namazake must be kept chilled. 

Genshu - Saké that has not been diluted with water.  Alcohol content can reach 20%.  (there are also well made sakés that only reach 16 - 17% alcohol)

Nigori - Unpressed sake - leaving a white, cloudy layer.  The taste is often sweet but can be dry.


Some of the sake that will be featured at the event includes:



Plus many more! Look forward to seeing you there!



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