How to make a Zombie Cocktail

Zombie Cocktail

I wasn't a big fan of tiki cocktails or rum in general until I met Blair Reynolds, founder of B.G. Reynolds syrups, and owner of Hale Pele tiki bar in Portland, OR. Before meeting Blair, "tiki" meant syrupy, artificially sweet mixed drinks with umbrellas. Blair quickly dispelled that notion with his commitment to naturally sourced ingredients and faithfully reproduced tiki cocktail recipes. He is a living encyclopedia of classic rum cocktails, categories of rum, rum history, and all things tiki. Reynolds is putting tiki cocktails back on the map in a big way, and making it easier for everyone to mix up their own tiki cocktails at home with his line of syrups. 

The Zombie, is a classic tiki cocktail from the early 1930's first-created by Donn "the Beachcomber" Beach. While the recipes for the cocktail vary, it typically has a blend of rums (dark, gold, 151-proof), lime juice (or other fruit juices), and "Don's Mix" (a blend of grapefruit juice and cinnamon). Reynolds has faithfully recreated Don's Mix in his line of Tiki cocktail syrups, along with a number of other cocktail syrups that are a must have for any serious tiki bar.  

For simple, yet delicious version of the Zombie cocktail try mixing up the following: 

1.5 oz Don's Mix

.75 oz Dark Rum

.5 oz 151 Proof Rum

.75 oz lime juice

Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and pour unstrained into tall glass. Add more ice if needed.