Domaine de Canton Culinary Tour Stops at Smallwares PDX

All photography: Whitney Lyons

All photography: Whitney Lyons


Chef Johanna Ware of Smallwares and Barwares recently partnered with Domaine de Canton for a pairing dinner as part of Domaine de Canton's culinary tour across the United States. Every dish that was prepared included a minimum of 1 oz of Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur. This was the first we had heard of using the spicy ginger liqueur in food dishes, but it proved to be equally versatile in the capable hand of Chef Ware.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can try to mix up some of the cocktails at home. 

 The Ninfa 

3 oz Valdibella Ninfa wine 

.5 oz Domaine de Canton 

Barspoon Gran Classico 

1 spray Herbsaint 

Cocktail paired with: Spot prawns, citrus juice, pickled sea beans, shiso, red onion, Domaine de Canton yuzu kosho dressing

 The Whey 

1 oz Small's Gin 

.5 oz Whey 

.25 oz Domaine de Canton 

.5 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth

Cocktail paired with: Octopus, pickled cherries, Domaine de Canton pickled ginger, scallions, mint, cardamom, greens, crème fraiche 


 The Miso 

1 ½ oz Corner Creek Bourbon

½ oz Lemon juice 

½ oz Den miso 

½ oz Domaine de Canton 

Cocktail paired with: Halibut, Domaine de Canton sweet miso, tarragon, fennel, raisin, togarashi, puffed rice

 The Punch 

2 oz Goslings Rum

1 oz Domaine de Canton 

.5 oz Lime juice 

.5 oz Pineapple juice 

.5 oz Muscovado syrup 

5 drops Chili tincture 

Fresh grated nutmeg 

Cocktail paired with: Oxtail arepa, hoisin, star anise, smoked pineapple habanero jam, cotija, avocado, plantain chips


Have you ever used Domaine de Canton in your culinary adventures? Share your recipes in the comments section.  

Back at AM Northwest for Valentine's Day Cocktails

KATU AM Northwest had me back on the show again to mix up some 'love potions". You can watch the full video here. We made a cocktail from Sam Ross of Little Branch in New York, a refreshing sparkling grapefruit-ginger cocktail and a timeless classic cocktail, the Sazerac. What are you drinking this Valentine's Day?

Paper Planes Cocktail Recipe

Paper Planes

3/4 oz. Eagle Rare Bourbon

3/4 oz. Aperol

3/4 oz. Amaro Nonino

3/4 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker filled with ice. Share for 30 seconds. Strain into chilled cocktail glass.

Mi Amor Cocktail Recipe

Mi Amor

1/2 oz. Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur

1 oz. Fresh Grapefruit Juice

Top with Prosecco or Sparkling Wine

Add all ingredients to champagne flute. Garnish with grapefruit zest.

Sazerac Cocktail Recipe


1.5 oz. Koval Lion's Pride Organic Whiskey

2 dashes Amargo Chuncho Bitters (or substitute Angostura Bitters)

2 Dashes Peychaud's Bitters

St. George Absinthe Verte

Lemon Zest

Add ice to old fashioned glass to chill glass while building cocktail. In a cocktail mixing glass, add whiskey and bitters and stir with ice for 30-45 seconds. Discard ice from first glass, and pour a small dash of absinthe into the glass. Tilt the glass and slowly swirl to coat the inside of the glass with absinthe. Add sugar cube and a few drops of water to dampen the cube. Crush the sugar cube. Strain and add whiskey and bitters from the second glass into the absinthe rinsed glass. 

The Lantern- 1.25 oz vodka, 1 oz @DomainedeCanton, .75 oz satsuma and .5 oz lime juice, dash @Bittercube Jamaican #1, absinthe rinse

The Lantern:

1.25 oz vodka (Organic Nation)
1 oz. ginger liqueur (Domaine de Canton)
.75 oz Satsuma juice
.5 oz lime juice
Absinthe rinse (Pernod)
Dash Jamaican #1 Bittercube bitters

Shake over ice. Pour into chilled cocktail glass after first rinsing chilled glass with absinthe.

We haven't created many vodka cocktails on the blog, but intend to change that going forth. Part of this inspiration came from the recent attendance and the high quality cocktails of the Belvedere Unfiltered release at Teardrop Lounge covered in depth at, and part came from the shift taking place within the vodka realm where flavor (not artificially added) is now a desired attribute (Belvedere included) after years of clean, though most often flavorless premium vodka brands. We aim to highlight more of these craft vodkas in upcoming posts.

Organic Nation is a family run small craft distillery located in Ashland Oregon that is a great example of a company creating a delicate, yet flavorful vodka, and take things one step further by ensuring that every ingredient that goes into the spirit is certified organic by the Oregon Tilth, an organization with some of the strictest standards for organic certification. The vodka is a blend of rye (65%), wheat , and corn (% not listed), and evokes notes of cocoa, hay, and grain. It is great on its own, as well as a joy to mix with.

The cocktail is a fantastic amalgamation of flavors. Satsumas are a fun citrus fruit to work with, though sweet, and therefore trade high amounts of citric acid for sugars. The lime is included to make up for the lacking acid, and creates a nice blend of citrus flavors. Ginger plays very nicely with citrus of all kinds, and we have found it makes a particurly good partner with Satsumas. The bitters add a bounty of spice notes, with the flavor profile for Bittercube Jamaican #1 listed as Jamaican spice overtones, ginger, and black pepper. The bitters help transcend the cocktail from good to great, a difficult chasm to cross. The absinthe rinse also adds it own herbal richness on the nose, and lingers faintly on the swallow.

Glacia- 1.5 oz @ReykaVodka, 1 oz @DomainedeCanton, 1 oz satsuma juice, dash citrus bitters, dash lemon juice


1.5 oz. vodka (Reyka)
1 oz. Ginger liquer (Domaine de Canton)
1 oz. Satsuma juice (sub tangerine or orange)
Dash Citrus bitters (Urban Moonshine)
Dash lemon juice

Shake all ingredients over ice. Double-strain into chilled cocktail glass.

In an effort to expand our vodka cocktails, as well as take advantage of the excellent citrus now available, we bring the Glacia, a simple, replicable cocktail that will please most palates. Gin could readily be swapped out for the vodka, for those who eschew the spirit, though we encourage you to give Reyka a try. It is distilled in small batches with a Carter-Head still (also used by Hendrick's Gin), one of only six in the world, and the only one used for vodka. The water added to the heart distillate is naturally filtered through a 4000 year old lava bed (similar to charcoal filtering), the result pure enough to drink straight from the source. The result is a very smooth, clean, neutral spirit appropriate for those who like their vodka to taste like vodka. It also leaves ample headroom for other flavors, like the nuanced satsuma, and forward ginger flavors. The dash of citrus bitters adds requisite complexity and helps to tie the drink together.