Revel Stoke Spiced Hot Toddy

Revel Stoke Spice Hot Toddy:

1.75 oz Revel Stoke Spiced Whiskey 
1 tsp orange blossom honey (Savannah Bee Company) 
juice from half small lemon
clove studded Cara Cara navel orange slice

Top with hot water

Revel Stoke Spiced Canadian Whiskey is a relatively new product and a very unique spirit. We thought that the warm spices would introduce some welcome elements to the Hot Toddy. The five primary spices of Revel Stoke are cardamom, coraiander, ginger, vanilla, and cinnamon. The vanilla is the most prominent on the finish, an flavor surely enhanced from the 3 years the Canadian blend of corn, rye, and barley has spent in charred white oak barrels. The spirit married well with the honey and citrus juices for an excellent warm beverage on a snowy night. Fresh cloves make a big difference in the quality of the toddy, so give your spice cabinet a refresher if it's been longer than 6 months to a year and the spices have lost their fragrance. 

Preacher's Punch- Recipe from @JasonLittrell of Death&Co., NYC @Teardroplounge PDX

Preacher's Punch:

Gin (Tanqueray 10)
Amaro (Nardini)
Honey (Oregon)
Pear Brandy (Clear Creek)
Lemon Oils

At first sip I was convinced this drink had an anise liquor in it, but it was a ghost note from the combination of vanilla, gin botanicals, spicy honey, and the citrus from the lemon oils. A beautiful, near flawless ice cube kept the drink delightfully cold and allowed for a slow transition of flavors as the water ratio shifted. The pear brandy is a great expression of the fruit, and while especially loved locally, many of the best bars around the country stock Clear Creek for their choice pear brandy.