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A blog for those who believe a well crafted cocktail exemplifies a well crafted life.

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Our goal is to expand minds, palates, and opinions in the craft cocktail world and beyond. We want our readers to be knowledgeable and confident when making their purchasing decisions. We aim to be a top resource consumers utilize when making their drinking decisions for the initial purchase, as well as the continued use of the spirit as they learn new, interesting, and replicable techniques and recipes utilizing new spirits as well as old favorites. We aim to be a resource and provide our readers with that confidence and expertise regardless of their current knowledge and/or experience. Comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcomed.


Please send all samples and press materials to:

ATTN: Greg Harned

Portland Craft Cocktails

2622 SE Washington Street

Portland, OR 97214


Email: craftcocktails@gmail.com

Phone: 503.740.5594

Samples Disclaimer: We sometimes receive products for the purpose of review and the creation of new cocktails and recipes. While this is not always the case, it is safe to assume some of products have been provided by and/or paid for by a third party.

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