Glacia- 1.5 oz @ReykaVodka, 1 oz @DomainedeCanton, 1 oz satsuma juice, dash citrus bitters, dash lemon juice


1.5 oz. vodka (Reyka)
1 oz. Ginger liquer (Domaine de Canton)
1 oz. Satsuma juice (sub tangerine or orange)
Dash Citrus bitters (Urban Moonshine)
Dash lemon juice

Shake all ingredients over ice. Double-strain into chilled cocktail glass.

In an effort to expand our vodka cocktails, as well as take advantage of the excellent citrus now available, we bring the Glacia, a simple, replicable cocktail that will please most palates. Gin could readily be swapped out for the vodka, for those who eschew the spirit, though we encourage you to give Reyka a try. It is distilled in small batches with a Carter-Head still (also used by Hendrick's Gin), one of only six in the world, and the only one used for vodka. The water added to the heart distillate is naturally filtered through a 4000 year old lava bed (similar to charcoal filtering), the result pure enough to drink straight from the source. The result is a very smooth, clean, neutral spirit appropriate for those who like their vodka to taste like vodka. It also leaves ample headroom for other flavors, like the nuanced satsuma, and forward ginger flavors. The dash of citrus bitters adds requisite complexity and helps to tie the drink together.