Preacher's Punch- Recipe from @JasonLittrell of Death&Co., NYC @Teardroplounge PDX

Preacher's Punch:

Gin (Tanqueray 10)
Amaro (Nardini)
Honey (Oregon)
Pear Brandy (Clear Creek)
Lemon Oils

At first sip I was convinced this drink had an anise liquor in it, but it was a ghost note from the combination of vanilla, gin botanicals, spicy honey, and the citrus from the lemon oils. A beautiful, near flawless ice cube kept the drink delightfully cold and allowed for a slow transition of flavors as the water ratio shifted. The pear brandy is a great expression of the fruit, and while especially loved locally, many of the best bars around the country stock Clear Creek for their choice pear brandy.