Kina Cocktail- 1.5 oz dry gin, .75 oz Cocchi Americano, .75 oz Punt E Mes

Kina Cocktail:

1.5 oz. dry gin (Small's)
3/4 oz. Kina Lillet (Cocchi Americano)
3/4 oz. sweet vermouth (Punt E Mes)

Stir with ice. Strain.

After a great night of cocktails with Eric Seed at Teardrop Lounge I was inspired to pick up a couple bottles from his mind-boggling portfolio, Cocchi Americano and Bonal Gentiane Quina (In PDX Pearl Specialty carries both). I started with the Kina cocktail from The Savoy Cocktail Book to experiment with. Cocchi Americano is considered the most accurate representation of Kina Lillet (no longer in production under the traditional formula).

The nose is strong juniper, mild citrus, with additional herbal notes reminiscent of chartreuse. The sweetness of the Punt E Mes tones back the initial spicy bitterness of the gentian and cinchona, which follow on the swallow enlivening the palate as a good aperitif should.The cinchona slowly builds upon sip mixed with ceylon, star anise, and followed with a strong gentian dryness and extreme cardamom finish of the Small's Gin from Ransom, a Portland local favorite.