1.5 oz gin (Back River)
.5 oz Pelinkovac
.5 oz bergamot orange juice
.75 oz Apricot Brandy.
.25 oz. Simple syrup
Bergamot orange oils

Shake all ingredients with ice. Double-strain into chilled cocktail glass. Express oils from zest over cocktail. Discard zest.

It's a great time to check your local markets for interesting citrus fruits, as the winter season is when they are at their peak. On a recent trip to the market, we found bergamot oranges, a first for us, and along with the infusions that we've started (bitters and infused spirits-posts to follow) using the zest (the most aromatic part of the fruit), we were left with the highly tart, though fragrant, bergamot orange juice.The apricot brandy and the aroma from the bergamot make unexpectedly good company. The simple syrup was added for balance of sweetness, and to prevent the Apricot Brandy from being too fruit forward had we added a full 1 oz., we used Stirring's simple syrup. The cocktail has a pleasant aromatic perfume nose reminiscent of Earl Gray, as dried bergamot orange peels are used to add fragrance and flavor to the popular tea. The botanicals from the Back River Gin and the depth of the Pelinkovac creates a complex sip and swallow, and multifaceted sweet fruit and herbal finish.