Domaine de Canton Culinary Tour Stops at Smallwares PDX

All photography: Whitney Lyons

All photography: Whitney Lyons


Chef Johanna Ware of Smallwares and Barwares recently partnered with Domaine de Canton for a pairing dinner as part of Domaine de Canton's culinary tour across the United States. Every dish that was prepared included a minimum of 1 oz of Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur. This was the first we had heard of using the spicy ginger liqueur in food dishes, but it proved to be equally versatile in the capable hand of Chef Ware.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can try to mix up some of the cocktails at home. 

 The Ninfa 

3 oz Valdibella Ninfa wine 

.5 oz Domaine de Canton 

Barspoon Gran Classico 

1 spray Herbsaint 

Cocktail paired with: Spot prawns, citrus juice, pickled sea beans, shiso, red onion, Domaine de Canton yuzu kosho dressing

 The Whey 

1 oz Small's Gin 

.5 oz Whey 

.25 oz Domaine de Canton 

.5 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth

Cocktail paired with: Octopus, pickled cherries, Domaine de Canton pickled ginger, scallions, mint, cardamom, greens, crème fraiche 


 The Miso 

1 ½ oz Corner Creek Bourbon

½ oz Lemon juice 

½ oz Den miso 

½ oz Domaine de Canton 

Cocktail paired with: Halibut, Domaine de Canton sweet miso, tarragon, fennel, raisin, togarashi, puffed rice

 The Punch 

2 oz Goslings Rum

1 oz Domaine de Canton 

.5 oz Lime juice 

.5 oz Pineapple juice 

.5 oz Muscovado syrup 

5 drops Chili tincture 

Fresh grated nutmeg 

Cocktail paired with: Oxtail arepa, hoisin, star anise, smoked pineapple habanero jam, cotija, avocado, plantain chips


Have you ever used Domaine de Canton in your culinary adventures? Share your recipes in the comments section.