High Desert Swizzle


Portland summers are a thing to be cherished. It's always a treat to see the city explode with smiling faces as a city that only experience sunshine 3 months a year, we know how to enjoy ourselves when it's nice outside. One of our favorite drinks for sunshine sipping is the High Desert Swizzle. The drink was first introduced to us at Kask by former resident lead bartender, Tommy Klus. The smokey Vida mezcal makes for a perfect companion to the bright and tart strawberry shrub. If the smokiness of the mezcal is too much for some tastes, try mixing up a Strawberry Shrub Pisco Sour.    For the smoke monsters out there, you will love this craft cocktail. Crushed ice is one of the keys to making this cocktail great, and we were excited to try out our new ice crusher from Barproducts.com. It works like a charm, is quieter than hammering away at a Lewis bag, AND you take take it camping for crushed ice cocktails in the woods! Yes, we are guilty "glampers". Mix one up, and let us know what you think. 

High Desert Swizzle: 

1.5 oz Del Maguey Vida mezcal

.75 oz strawberry shrub (recipe below) 

.75 oz fresh lime juice

.25 oz heavy demerara simple syrup (can substitute white sugar) 

Add all ingredients to Collins glass. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Use a swizzle stick or long spoon and "swizzle" until the glass becomes frosty. 

Strawberry Shrub:

1 container of strawberries

1 cup of sugar

Slice strawberries and remove green stem. Cover in sugar and place in fridge overnight. Stir once of twice to keep sugar from collecting on the bottom. Add 1 cup of vinegar. Strain through cheesecloth.