Waiting for You

Waiting for You:

2 oz vodka (Peabody Jones)
.75 oz Madarine Napoleon 
.5 oz lime juice
less than dash Absinthe (1912 Absinthe Verte Great Lakes Distillery) 
Dash cardamom bitters (Bob's) 
Dash orange and mandarine bitters (Bob's)

Shake all ingredients except absinthe over ice. Double strain into chilled absinthe rinsed glass)

While new vodka's generally don't get my heart pattering, I have to say I was very excited for the opportunity to work with our Northern neighbors and relative newcomer on the spirit scence, the Woodinville Whiskey Company from Woodinville, Washington and their vodka offering, Peabody Jones Vodka. Woodinville joins the camp of those who believe it's alright for vodkas to have flavor (we like this camp), and with a toasted almond and vanilla nose, creamy flavorful taste, with mild spicy clean finish, it is simply delicious. It is moderately sweet, so you may need to adjust the liqueur level for this cocktail to preference if another brand of vodka is used. The absinthe is mostly used for aroma sake, and results in a great licorice and warm spice bouquet. This was also the first time we had the opportunity to work with Bob's Bitters, which helped add complexity to the cocktail and worked to brighten and heighten the mandarin flavor in the Mandarine Napoleon orange liqueur.