Maker’s 46 Release Party @BeakerandFlask

Kevin Ludwig, owner of Beaker and Flask, donated his lovely space to the Oregon Bartender's Guild (OBG) for the Maker's 46 Release Party. The evaluation of the spirit itself was well covered in by Mr. Boozenik so to escape redundancy, I will briefly touch on the food, most of which also involved Maker's 46 of course. The food was served by Anthony Walton from the Beaker Kitchen, and included:

Bourbon Chicken Liver Mousse with Golden Raisin Marmalade on Crostini
The Fried Chicken and Waffle with Bourbon Maple Syrup (bite sized mini waffles!)
ButterBeerBattered Cauliflower with Bourbon Bleu Cheese
Chef Creek Oyster w/ Bourbon Glazed Bacon, Herb Creme Fraiche & Rose’ Gelee
Bourbon Soaked Watermelon with Smoked Scallop and Radish
Dulche Bread Pudding, Bourbon Apricot Anglaise, Bourbon Chantilly, Cherry on Top

Drinks served:

Brooklyn 46- Maker's 46, Noilly Pratt Sweet Vermouth, Ramazotti Amaro and Luxardo Maraschino- recipe here

This was my favorite drink of the evening as I felt it best showcased the bourbon with complementing flavors.

Peach Crusta- Maker's 46, Cointreau, lemon, local peaches

This was a great seasonal sour cocktail spin on a classic. Delicious.

and more Mint Juleps then the Kentucky Derby - Maker's 46, simple syrup, mint

DJ Drew Groove (@drewgroove on Twitter) provided excellent tunes, making for an exceptionally fun party.

Photo Credits Eben Waggoner, Jessica Hinks

Seelbach- Recipe from @Seelbachhotel, Louisville, 1917 @Teardroplounge


TDL Old Weller 107 bourbon
Angostura and Peychauds bitters
Brut sparkling wine

Teardrop Cocktail Lounge has an excellent menu, separating their drinks into House Cocktails, Classics, and Friends. This drink was from the classics section, the Seelbach, originating at the Seelbach Hotel,Louisville 1917.

Will pursue and update recipe amounts shortly, though approximation can be found at the Gary Regan link below.

This was a great sharp citrus treat. The high volume of bitters makes this a very interesting drink. This is explained in detail much more gracefully than I by Gary Regan here and was well executed at Teardrop.