Strawberry Shrub Pisco Sour


Strawberry season just came into full swing in Portland, making it the perfect time to mix up strawberry jams, syrups and cocktails. One of our favorite ways of preserving the harvest is to make a "shrub", also known as a drinking vinegar. This will keep the fresh fruit flavor and also add a tart zing to your drinks. The Pisco Sour is one of our favorite cocktails, and the pisco plays very nicely with the strawberry shrub. Macchu Pisco is an ideal mixing pisco, as it's made from 100% Quebranta grapes (non-aromatic variety), making it the perfect backbone for cocktails. Try the Strawberry Shrub Pisco Sour, or mix up your own variation and let us know what you come up with. 

Strawberry Shrub Pisco Sour

1.5 oz Macchu Pisco pisco

.75 oz Strawberry shrub

.75 oz. Lemon juice

1 egg white

Fresh cracked black pepper

Garnish with fresh strawberry


Strawberry Shrub:

1 container of strawberries

1 cup of sugar

Slice strawberries and remove green stem. Cover in sugar and place in fridge overnight. Stir once of twice to keep sugar from collecting on the bottom. Add 1 cup of vinegar. Strain through cheesecloth. 


Yuzu Pisco Sour

2 oz. pisco (Inca Gold)
2 oz Yuzu Luxe Sour (Perfect Puree)
1 egg white
dash Peychaud's bitters

Add all ingredients except bitters over ice. Shake. Double Strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with bitters. 

In celebration of National Pisco Day we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to work with one of the Perfect Puree products we had thawing in the fridge. We are fervert DIY'ers and the very idea of premixed ingredients is against our natural inclinations. However, we are also adventurous, and had heard nothing but good of the plain fruit purees from Perfect Puree, and were excited for the opportunity to work with their Beverage Artistry series. The first of these was Yuzu Luxe Sour, a fragrant mix, perfumed with kaffir lime and lemon grass, and a bright flavored mix of sweet and sour in the citrus combination of meyer lemon, key lime, and tangerine. There was plenty of sweetness in the blend (if you like your pisco sours on the dryer side, use 1 oz mix and add splash of citrus juice) This was a great way to celebrate the holiday and we look forward more cocktails from the Beverage Artistry series. What did you drink for Pisco Sour Day? What is your favorite Pisco?

Recipe attributed to Adam Seger of Hum Spirits LLC from Perfect Puree webpage.



1 1/2 oz Pisco (Capel)
1 oz Domaine de Canton
1 oz Grapefruit juice
Dash homemade orange bitters

Shake with ice. Strain. Garnish with grapefruit zest.

Arielle wanted something with ginger. We considered using 10 cane rum, but the pisco was more to her taste and I think created a more balanced flavor, really letting the ginger flavors through. Ginger and orange are a great combination, and the mild pink grapefruit provides the necessary acidity to make each note more pronounced.