Ice Balls Made Easy & Rum Old Fashioned

Rum Old Fashioned 

Rum Old Fashioned 

While fascinated by the myriad of techniques constantly under development for creating perfectly clear ice cubes, I also understand that every drinker is not always interested in taking the often painstaking steps required for the perfect crystal ball of ice. However, that doesn't mean they aren't interested in bringing fun, whimsy, and elegance to their cocktail parties.  

The high-quality silicone ice ball molds from Tovoo make creating perfect ice spheres easy. What I like most about these are the fact they are stackable, and don't take up a ton of space in the freezer. The large sphere with greater surface area means that the ice will melt slower, leaving you to enjoy your drink longer without getting watered down. A personal favorite is the Rum Old Fashioned cocktail (picture above). 

1.5 oz Puerto Rican Rum

.5 oz Jamaican Rum

.5 oz simple syrup (to taste) 

Dash bitters (Angostura) 


The Real McCoy Rum Review

The Real McCoy Rum

The phrase "The Real McCoy" has made it's way into regular use in the American language, but there is some controversy as to its original source. The most widely accepted origin is a corruption of the Scot's, the "real MacKay", as in "the good stuff". 

The rum is a lovely amber hue, with flavors of warm spice, caramel and toffee. It is also absent of banana notes, that often accompany some younger gold rums and even at 5 years, proves to be delightfully drinkable neat. It also performs masterfully in cocktails, and we opted to mix up a Rum Club Old Fashioned inspired by Mike Shea of The Rum Club.

Rum Old Fashioned Cocktail

Rum Club Old Fashioned

1.5 oz The Real McCoy Rum

.5 oz. Smith & Cross Rum

Dash simple syrup

Dash orange bitters

Orange Peel

Add orange peel, bitters, and simple syrup to old-fashioned glass. Gently press the orange peel with a muddler to express essential oils. Add rums. Add ice (large cube). Enjoy by sipping slowly.  


Hop Toad Cocktail

Hop Toad Cocktail:

1. 5 oz. Dark Rum (Ron Zacapa Centanario 23)
1 oz. apricot brandy (Rothman and Winter)
.5 oz lime juice
Angostura bitters to taste

Shake with ice. Strain into chilled cocktail glass. 

The recipe listed above is from Gary Regan's classic "The Joy of Mixology", which itself is an adaptation from A.S. Crockett's, "The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book" (Gary adds bitters), which is most likely an adaptation from Tom Bullock's Ideal Bartender, where it was called a Leaping Frog* (recipe below) before rum was added. How's that for evolution of a cocktail? Provided you start with high quality ingredients, all variations are delicious and it will take a bit of experimenting to find the version that suits your taste. Many fine classic cocktails call for apricot brandy making it a great addition to any home bar. Cocktail Historian David Wondrich insists that a true Hop Toad* (recipe below) is made with Hungarian Apricot Brandy, but Rothman and Winter is a fine choice, a blend of a true apricot eau-de-vie sweetened with apricot fruit juices harvested at their peak ripeness in Austria.

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The Last Days of Summer- 1.25 oz @10canerum, 1.25 oz. Aperol, .75 oz. lime juice, .5 oz. Citronage..

The Last Days of Summer:

1.25 oz 10 Cane rum
1.25 oz Aperol
3/4 oz. Lime juice
1/2 oz. Citronge
Lemon oils

Shake over ice. Strain.Twist lemon zest oils into cocktails and slide peel around rim of glass.

A farewell to the summer we cherished. Goodbye sun. See you in 6 months.
This cocktail had a strong fruit punch nose. The funkiness of the 10 cane rum followed on the swallow with grapefruit, bitter lime zest notes, and an almost agave-like grassiness reminiscent of Cachaca. Till we meet again summer...