Napoleon Complex- 1.5 oz Kraken spiced rum, .75 oz Mandarine Napoleon, .5 oz Cara Cara orange juice, .25 oz lemon, .25 oz lime

Napoleon Complex:

1.5 oz Spiced Rum (The Kraken)
.75 oz Mandarine Napoleon
.5 oz Cara Cara pink orange juice
.25 oz lemon juice
.25 oz lime juice

Shake over ice. Double-strain into chilled cocktail glass

The Kraken has a chocolate richness to it that pair quite nicely with the Mandarine Napolean, a unique orange liqueur made with cognac and mandarin orange peels and aged for a minimum of three years. The seasonal citrus brightens the drink up with the neccesary acidity to cut through the sweetness resulting in a balanced and nicely spiced punch-style cocktail. This would be great to replicate on a larger scale for parties. To learn more about punches, check out David Wondrich's newest book Punch:The Delights and Dangers of the Flowing Bowl.